About Us

AVZA means Alive and Energized. Like our symbol “Eagle” which is accepted the world over as a living symbol of power, freedom and transcendence, something almost spiritual in nature. We are required to be proactive, sharp and work with open minds to find solutions for our customers outside of normal comfort zones, staying within legal boundaries.

Avza treats their people as their biggest assets, and these assets are required to provide a service to their clients of a level that is better than expected, and in return, we will be treated fairly and with respect, paid as agreed, and Avza employees will treat its vendors with the same degree of respect we hope to receive from our clients.

Avza expects their employees to be loyal, and part of the loyalty is when we express our opinions freely without feeling fettered, do our work honestly without supervision or excuses, and accept feedback without being defensive.


AVZA Mission Statement
To provide superior quality relocation services that clients recommend to their family and friends, Procurement and Purchase select for their internal clients, Employees are proud of, and Investors seek for their long term returns.


AVZA Vision
We are committed to provide the prime relocation experience to individual and corporate cients both within India and around the globe. Our team will find solutions for our customers with out of the box thinking, while staying within the boundries of ethics and legalities and will share in the goodwill and wealth thus created.

The Team

Anil Jagtiani


An alumni of RIMC,Dehradun and the National Defence Academy of India, Anil Jagtiani served in the Indian Navy, before taking up an assignment with an International Moving Company in 1998. He subsequently co-founded IR Moving Concepts in 2004, which merged with a European co looking to expand operations into India in 2008. He headed the Indian Moving division of this co till 2016. A believer in entrepreneurship, his team are constantly tasked with finding innovative and out of the box solutions for their customers. A hardcore moving professional, he lives in New Delhi, India. He is a keen golfer and avid reader in his spare time.

Sameer Seth


A PG diploma in marketing, Sameer stumbled across the Moving Industry by mistake like most of those within. He quickly found his calling in the Art Handling division and became passionate about packing and moving works of art. Sameer has moved paintings and sculptures for almost all the major artists in the country and has helped works reach their destinations for exhibitions and fairs in all the major events in all the continents. Sameer continues to grow this niche market for Avza.

Saahil Saxena


Saahil completed his graduation from Bangalore and is an avid reader and cricket buff. After his graduation, he decided to give vent to his palate and explored various cuisines for a popular magazine. Subsequently he did his post-graduation in Sales and Marketing and joined the moving industry. He figured out various cost cutting initiatives within the co which helped him grow his sales – he became an over achiever and came aboard Avza, when offered the opportunity to run his own business.