Projects, Office Moving, Commercial Cargo

" Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs " - Henry Ford

Project management is creative work . Its filled with multiple stages of planning, preparation and countless logistics to coordinate.

AVZA ensures pre-empting any hurdles before they come up.

AVZA brings order to chaos.

AVZA appoints a project leader in charge of facilitating all aspects of large and high value commercial equipment or corporate moves.

  • Time frame is key, as advanced preparation facilitates a calmer, more organized approach. Timely and informed communication across all disciplines & involving key stake holders is the key to successful project delivery.

  • It’s crucial to identify each step required, and the parties responsible, to ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • We apply best practices in understanding your unique needs and priorities, ultimately saving you time and money by placing emphasis on maintaining productivity throughout the process.
  • Office Moving

    Dismantled on Friday and up and running on Monday morning. You can rely on AVZA to get this right.

    AVZA helps to plan and execute a seamless move without any loss of time or revenue . A stress free exercise, what you earn is complete appreciation of the employees as well as your clients.

    Whether it is a move to a SEZ or to the building in the neighbourhood, AVZA will find the right solution with proper coordination between our teams.

    When the teams play together, the outcome is an orchestra of soulful music.

    Commercial Cargo

    Whether you have one box or a full truck load worth of materials, we make it easier than ever to get your goods where they are supposed to be – On Time

    Just in time goods reach where they are supposed to connect with their peers, and seamlessly fit into the production line.

    We bring you confidence and peace of mind with our on-time performance and reliable service.

    In addition to excellent transportation, you will get unparalleled customer service at every level, supported by industry professionals and state-of-the-art processes and technology that save time and ensure consistent exception-free service.

    Fairs and Exhibitions

    With AVZA around, the uncertainties around logistics is removed.

    Our services include

    • Packing of goods for Fairs & Exhibitions.
    • Freight movement by Air and Sea.
    • Customs clearance of the shipments.
    • Time sensitive delivery to the fair stands.
    • Short and long term storage of the exhibition material and exhibits.
    • Repack and re-export the shipment to the country of its origin or delivery to another destination

    We consider all the statutory requirements to ensure a timely integrated logistics solution to the destination site. Our dedicated team works around the clock where needed, to complete the task within the time frame.