Storage Services

Worried and unsure of where to store your goods while you move shores to a new location?

AVZA understands the needs for long term storage. Your belongings will be packed as for travel and subsequently be warehoused. Stored in sealed wooden boxes, they are opened quarterly or half yearly for cleaning, fumigation and airing as requested.

You will find your shipment fresh upon return , just as the day you handed it into our care.


Landed at your new destination and in a frenzy to finalise your residence? Your incoming consignment should be least of your concerns.

AVZA will hold on to your incoming shipments , which can be stored at any of our partner warehouses. If the shipment is insured, there will be no additional charge for premium for upto a month.

This also means that you start productive on taking charge at your new assignment.

Once you are ready to receive, not only will we deliver but also assist to unpack and install, for your new beginnings.


Commercial real estate is premium. AVZA provides record storage facility , which is most cost effective for any organisation.

Your inventoried records will be labelled and stacked in a systematised, clean , fumigated racking environment . These can be made available to you with a quick and easy access in case of any urgency vide our bin management system software.