" Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs " Henry Ford

Project management is creative work - we have to figure out everything that can go wrong before it does. Timely and informed communication across all disciplines and involving key stake holders is the key to successful project delivery. In the supply chain and transportation industry in India, AVZA provides a secure and reliable shipping of high value products and equipment.


At AVZA, Moving sophisticated and expensive healthcare machines is one of the things our people are experienced in doing. Meeting our clients requirements of getting these to the far reaches of this vast country, we have managed this intricate process with flair, and in helping our clients achieve their promises to their clients, we know we have helped in contributing to an increased health quotient of our country.


Fairs & Exhibitions - AVZA has the talent to complete documentation for customs, handling, transport and deliver the shipment as per the clients requirements and even help in installation.