AVZA offers a complete range of personalised Relocation Management and destination services to facilitate the International mobility of your employees through our Relocation Management Company. As a specialized provider, We offers end to end mobility solutions to many blue-chip companies on a global, regional and local basis, aiming at supporting the mobility of a global workforce.


Immigration Services - Processing and coordinating visa requests, as well as assisting with the documentation for work and residence permits, can be a complicated and time consuming process. We assists and supports the application procedures for visas and work permits globally. We coordinate and manage the process with the relevant authorities. During this process, Avza acts as a liaison between the relocating employee's HR department and the related authorities to ensure that all paperwork and visas comply with local requirements of the destination country.


Destination Services - With customized needs assessment tools, we ensures hassle free smooth transition, allowing prompt employee productivity, relocation cost savings and a well settled family.

The various services are

  • Area Orientation / Look See and Preview Trip
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Home Search
  • School Search
  • Settling In
  • Tenancy Management
  • Departure Services



Cultural Training - The necessary cultural and language training support will help families considerably with communication and integration into their new location. To support individuals and families with their cultural adjustments in a new country, we have devised unique cross cultural training workshops that bridge the socio-cultural boundaries.

These trainer driven and tool-assisted interactive workshops cover the cultural nuances and local social graces. The training can be delivered globally through experienced and certified trainers. Development of cultural awareness, understanding of culture shock, communicating across cultures, cultural dimensions, living in the host country and working with host country nationals as well as local management are some interesting aspects of a well-designed program.