Home is where the heart is - however you must remember in which box it is packed…..
Storing with us is just a solution, to keep possessions which bring you joy that you can’t part with.


Long Term Storage - For those moving away from their homes to new locales where they expect to receive partially or fully furnished accommodation, you can put your belongings into our long term storage. Your items will be packed as for travel and then moved to our warehouses, and stored in storage boxes which are sealed. These boxes will be opened quarterly for cleaning, fumigation and airing of clothes (half yearly) if requested. When you return, your shipment will be delivered to you in the same condition as when picked up.


Transit Storage - For those who have arrived at destination and have been provided temporary accommodation for a period, or those whose residences are in the process of finalisation, the shipments can be stored at our warehouses or those of our partners. When the residences are ready to move in, we will deliver and unpack the shpt, and set it up for you to start your new assignments on a productive note. One months free storage is built into your moving insurance, so additional savings.

Record Storage - Space is a premium and commercial space even more so. Instead of cluttering up valuable office space with files or cartons, have these inventorised and sent to our storage units, where they will be labelled and stacked in racks and available to you at a few hours notice in case of any urgency. Our warehouses are clean, racked and fumigated and because of our software, any carton from the thousands we have stored, can be accessed in a matter of minutes when required.