Checklist To Help You Move Better

6 Weeks prior.

1. Records

Keep digital records of various important records that you might require subsequently – once items are packed, you are unlikely to have access to these till unpacking is completed. Store these online and label your folders clearly for easy reference

2. Get moving quotations and finalise pack dates in advance
Get more than a single estimate, if you can. Ensure that pack date is firmed up so when the time comes the mover isn’t busy elsewhere. Check discounts offered by AVZA – be wary if the differences in prices are more than 20 – 25%, refer to below

3. Check quotation carefully before signing up
Check the terms and conditions of the moving cos carefully – you might receive a quote that gives wriggle room to the mover once the shpt is packed – these are the movers who quote low and then hit you with charges subsequently and they will be able to point to their quote for justification.

4. School for your kids at destination
Do you need information re a new school in your new location – AVZA can help

5. Inform school re transfer certificates if you have school going children
Regardless of how far you are moving, the new school your child attends will need these. Arrive prepared so your kid(s) don’t get left behind.

6. Get rid of old things you don’t use
If you haven’t looked at things in six months or a year, it’s a good opportunity to clear up. Sell these or donate them, let someone else benefit from things you no longer need – could be a sofa, books, clothes.

7. Expertise in moving fine art, billiard tables, safety boxes
The movers you hire may not be qualified to move some larger (or more expensive) items, which is why its important to know their capabilities as far as possible.
The internet is full of movers, but many of them are simply daily wage men and a truck, try and get more information re their expertise. Make sure you’re aware of exactly what the movers you hired will and will not move.

8 References of the moving co –
Moving can be strenuous, make sure worrying about where your shipment doesn’t add to your stress. Verifying the credentials of the moving co can go a long way. You can usually get an idea of the mover from the way they communicate, looking at the crews and transport, their packing materials and how much they push for advance payments before they even start a job.
AVZAs payments terms are clearly mentioned on your quote – any negotiations you want to do in this regard, should be done before awarding us the job. We do not renegotiate terms once a job is started.

From one month prior

9. Start segregating items
All members of the family should start segregating items so they can prioritise what would be required to be carried with them and what may not be available for some days of the move –
Use different colored stickers/tape for each room.
Once you arrive at your new home, this will make unpacking so much easier.

10. Create an inventory sheet of your valuables and make sure they are placed in secured spaces before the movers arrive. Jewellery and cash cannot be packed in your shipment and if you do pack these in a Packed by Owner (PBO) box, they cannot be insured. Items of personal nature can go into cartons and be sealed PBO – keep a separate list of these items and do not share these with the movers. You might like to seal the boxes in such a manner that you will know if these have been opened.

11. Take pictures of electronics before unplugging
This will help to reconnect these at destination on completion of the move.

12. Gather socks, t-shirts, towels, and linens to use as free packing supplies.

13. Society requirements
One has to know the rules of societies if staying in a gated community – timings for move, deposits required to be paid, availability of lift etc

14. Address minor home repairs before moving out.
If you live in an apartment, this might be the difference between getting your security deposit back, or not.

15. Vehicles
If you are sending your vehicle you need to time this to have minimum inconvenience – copies of vehicle paperwork are required to be handed over to the mover. The movers will be required to provide you a condition report of your car visavis damages and scratches etc.

16. Check size of elevator and stairs to ensure all items can come through these

From a few days prior to Moving Day

  • Inform your apartment complex of your move date – there may be charges and formalities that are required to be completed before moving day
  • Get your final bills for utilities so you don’t have delays post packing
  • Cancel your newspaper subscription
  • Cancel your milk subscription if you have a regular milkman
  • Clear your maintenance and apartment bills
  • Inform your apartment about your requirement for elevator
  • Jewellery and cash secured
  • Label any items that don’t need to be packed
  • On moving day – cover the floors of the apartment to protect them (if required) or you should have discussed this with the mover previously. Any charges should have been discussed in advance.
  • Walk the packing supervisor through your home and tell him how you would like the house packed, what items are specially valuable to you sentimentally, and anything specific which could affect things.
  • Once the packing is completed, the items have been removed from the home and the packing material removed by the movers, it will be good form to clean the apartment and get it ready for handing over. There will be areas which have had furniture over them and those will usually be required to be cleaned, besides a general cleaning of the house itself.