Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We always recommend you consider this. While we have well trained movers, you must consider the elements like rain and local road conditions . Having extra protection is something you should consider – we don’t expect you to need it, but that’s what insurance is about – to cover the unforeseen.

Our crews have worked with us from the beginning. Some of them have been in this business for over ten years and have done high powered work like packing and handling of works of art and sculptures since this is part of our portfolio. So they are gentle when handling shipments.

As a local moving company, we use a combination of our own employees and outside staff. The outside staff are 100% dedicated to us. The outside staff grow with us, which is the best way to do it, and because of our prominence in the market, training and overall investment in our people, we only accept the best new hires.

As a professional moving company, AVZA is a one-stop-shop. The biggest stress in India is transparency. We ensure that this starts from the quote, items which don’t have a fixed price have an estimate, the correct status is shared with you through our system (under construction) We can help you find your home, refer you to a broker, we can give you various estimates which might reduce your moving costs we can give you the packing materials and help you find a school for your kids. We love pets, and would take the extra step for your other babies – We provide support every step of the way. We don’t over promise and under deliver, and more than anything, we can make sure that our crew have the empathy and experience to work with you in what can be a challenging process.

Your vehicle is always moved in car carriers. Your vehicle will be driven usually to outside the city limits and loaded onto a car carrier. At destination, similarly, it will be offloaded somewhere outside the city and driven to your home. If you get a price which looks really cheap beware – there is a good chance your vehicle will be driven with the odometer disconnected.

To protect your no claim bonuses, we would recommend you consider doing a separate insurance for your vehicle. Please note minor scratches and mechanical derangements are not covered under this. Many a time a vehicle has been loaded ok but by the time it reaches destination, we find that the vehicle is not starting. Except for minor repairs that we might undertake to get the car to your home, unless your vehicle has been insured, this will continue to be your liability, so make your choices wisely.

We can only make an assurance once your shipment has reached the destination (and for intl shpts cleared customs.) If you wish us to make a guarantee at origin, we will try, and should the shipment reach destination earlier than anticipated, any detention for the vehicle or container will be to your account. While things have definitely improved in India, there are still issues of road conditions, harassment by officials enroute, checking at state borders etc which we cannot control and our transit time usually assumes the worst case.