Insurance - What You Need To Know

Insurance - What You Need To Know

1. Any shipped item(s) valued at over Rs 35000.00 (USD 500) per item or set MUST BE SPECIFICALLY DECLARED AND VALUED prior to issuance of this document. Failure to comply will limit recovery to a maximum of $500.00 per item or set.

2. The customer must sign the insurance valued inventory form, so they are aware of the terms and conditions of the insurance. In the event of any claim, a copy of this document will be required.

INSURANCE WILL ONLY COVER ITEMS LISTED ON THIS FORM. The terms and conditions of the insurance certificate, including exclusions, are noted on the last page of this form.

2. Miscellaneous items valued at under Rs 35000.00 may be grouped together. In the event of a claim, grouped items will be averaged. HIGH VALUE ITEMS VALUED AT OVER Rs 35000.00 PER ITEM OR SET MUST BE SPECIFICALLY DECLARED AND VALUED. Failure to comply will limit recovery to a maximum of Rs 35000 per item or set.


3.You should be aware of the fact that the replacement value of your goods at the final destination might be higher than at origin. Insure your shipment accordingly as it will be co-insured if adequate protection has not been secured. Note: All items in the shipment must be insured. Any policy that covers only a limited number of items in the shipment may be subject to rejection or co-insurance.

4. Do not list jewelry, cash, watches, stamps, negotiable instruments or items of a similar nature as they are excluded from coverage. Additional exclusions are noted on the last page of this form.

5. No one item and/or set can be more than 50% of the total insured value.

6. Use of a separate valued inventory is acceptable to the underwriters. If you have completed another inventory, sign and date this form and attach your personal list.

7. If a particular item is not shown on this form, please add it to either a blank space in the appropriate section or to Section U, Miscellaneous. Attach separate sheets if necessary. (Rev: 06/2015)



A) loss or damage arising out of the acts of any government, customs authority or official confiscation. Consequential losses due to delay or any depreciation in value are not covered.

(B) items missing from owner packed cartons. Claims will not be honoured for the loss of any owner packed carton unless the shortage has been noted at the time of delivery and all claims must be submitted within 48 hours of delivery.

(C) loss due to damage or breakage of items in owner packed cartons, crates, or containers.

(D) loss or damage to jewelry, gem stones, cash, currency or bank notes, deeds, travelers cheques, coin or stamp collections, alcoholic beverages, negotiable items, contraband or other like items.

(E) loss or damage caused by wear and tear, changes in climatic conditions, infestations or inherent vice.

(F) any internal electrical or mechanical component of any device unless exceptions are noted at the time of delivery for external damage to such property. Loss of data and recalibration are also excluded. Electrical or mechanical malfunctioning coverage, excluding vehicles, is available for a nominal additional premium.

(G) loss or damage to any item unless the premium for the insurance has been received by ITI

(H) loss or damage to vehicles while being driven under their own motive power except while on the premises of the port.

(I) marring, denting, chipping or scratching on automobiles, motorcycles or other motor vehicles over three years old.

(J) non-factory installed accessories or removable items on vehicles. Goods of a personal nature shipped inside vehicles are also excluded. Vehicles own comprehensive policy has to be in force while the vehicle is being driven to and from the residence to the loading/unloading points.

(K) wrinkled or soiled clothing, linens, drapes and rugs.

(L) marring, scratching, denting, chipping or rubbing on items which have been received by the carrier as condition unknown.

(M) concealed missing or non-delivery of a shipping package if the delivery receipt shows that all packages were delivered to the final destination.

(N) items not listed on the inventory prepared at origin. Items not shipped are not insured.

(O) appraisal fees, shipping charges, damages caused during assembly or disassembly, items having no commercial value, items of sentimental value or property damage.

(P) an entire set if any single item(s) is lost or damaged. Payment will only be made for the proportionate value of the item(s) lost or damaged. Pairs and sets coverage is available for a nominal additional premium.

(Q) loss caused by nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination, whether controlled or uncontrolled, however caused.

(R) physical loss or damage to the property carried out for political, terroristic or ideological purpose when property is in storage.

(S) loss and/or damage on door to port shipments unless exceptions are noted when the shipment is received at the port of discharge.

(T) loss or damage to plasma televisions, monitors or like items.

(U) structural damage to system or kit furniture constructed of veneered chipboard or similar, or any reduction in the quality thereof arising as the result of dismantling or reassembly of any such items of furniture.

(V) experimental or prototypical vehicles.

(W) loss or damage attributable to fumigation or contamination of the shipment from any cause.

(X) loss or damage to live or perishable items.

The claim process is online – we will help you to complete this process in the unlikely event of a claim.

Please find below following instructions:

To file an online claim

Make sure you have your insurance certificate as you will need information found on the front of the form to file a claim. If you do not have a copy of your certificate, please contact the company that arranged your insurance.

All claims must be submitted within 48 hours of delivery.

Please refer to your insurance certificate if you are unsure which claim filing deadline applies to your shipment.

Additionally, we will require labelled photos of the damaged items to be submitted. Please include your reference number found on the top right of your insurance certificate so we can locate your file.

If you have taken insurance through AVZA, your AVZA representative will file a claim on your behalf and provide you a copy of the claim. If you have used your own private insurance, AVZAs liability will be limited and we will provide you requisite documents to file your claim. AVZA will not be required to make good any deficiency between your claim and what you finally get, infact, AVZA will not be liable to compensate you for anything.



*Please note you cannot take selective items insurance since our insurance policy does not allow for selective items insurance.

*Any item which is packed by owner will not covered under our insurance policy.

*You cannot declare the value for misc or etc or any undefined items - that won’t be covered under the insurance.

*Flower pots will not be covered under our insurance policy.


1) Bifurcate the name and values of Kitchen items/ Utensils individually (Don’t put any lump-sum amount for any categorize item. Also mention no of glassware, kitchen appliances, utensils etc.

2) Mention quantity & categorize the sort of Dresses material/clothing (with numbers of shirts, number of jeans, suits, trousers, sarees etc). If you have any specific expensive clothes – please list that separately with a value. Eg black saree or blue suit


4) Pls. mention separately if any of item is valued more than Rs.3,000/- This is to obviate the issues of settling claims based on bundled items.

5) Also request you to pls re-check the inventory list and mention the items packed in the cartons/boxes and it must be mentioned clearly.

6) The total values of items should not exceed than the declared value which was declared in the quote if the quote is approved by a corporate account

7) Packets/cartons/items packed by owner won’t be covered under the insurance except if it goes missing.

8) The Insurance Company is liable to compensate you for the value declared on your list or replace it with a similar item currently available in the market-as the case may be. Further the items that are claimed become the property of the insurance co and need to be picked up by us on their behalf.

9) Any item which can be repaired would be repaired only and won’t be replaced.

10) The value you use for the insurance should be a replaceable value – in the event of a claim, the value should be sufficient to replace the existing items at destination

11) All items should be insured, any items that are missed cannot be compensated for, as they will be treated as uninsured and Avza will have no liability.

12) You cannot demand more than the value the item is insured for – the insurance co does not have to replace any item – they can pay off the insured value as settlement.

13) Any items that are paid for fully, the insurance co will take that item away,

14) In the event that an item is under insured, the insurance co will have the right to only partly compensate for the item (eg if a sofa is insured for Rs 20,000, and there is a stain on the sofa – and the cost to remove the stain is 15000 – then the insurance co can – either pay 20000 and take away the sofa or pay a proportion which they think fit for the removal of the stain – eg they feel the cloth is 50% of the value of the sofa – then they will pay only 10000 and the rest 5000 will have to come from the employee) - this is only an example and not true figures.

15) Both the moving co and you should pay attention to the condition of the furniture as described on the packing list at origin – you cannot challenge subsequently that the item was not in the condition described on the signed packing list and the damage has been subsequently caused.

16) Any damages if any must be reported within 7 days of delivery and a claim if any, must be filed within 30 days, else this will be time barred.

17) The insurance co will decide whether the item can be repaired or not as the client you have no say in this matter, till the repairs are completed.


Loss or damage due to ordinary wear and tear, mechanical, electric or electronic derangement if the covered items are under a manufacturer's warranty.

If the electronic / electric / mechanical items exceed six years of age, or are not packed by professional movers

IT MEANS THAT any claim to the mechanical derangement is strictly limited to at or less than 6 years only EVEN IF PACKED BY Avza or any moving partner

FURTHER, IF IT IS LESS THAN SIX YEARS AND NOT PACKED BY A PROFESSIONAL MOVER – it will not be covered by insurance, even if you have valued it and paid a premium.