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March 2024

Avoiding Common Pitfalls: A Guide to Stress-Free Local/ Domestic Move

Expert tips for a seamless move in India: Plan ahead, coordinate with society management, check timings, evaluate truck placement, pack essentials, share info with movers, stay flexible.


January 2024

Beyond the boxes

Embark on a mover's journey, witnessing remarkable relocations of artists and historical figures, intertwining emotion with preservation.


January 2024

A Moving Triumph: The Unforgettable Journey of AVZA with the Indian Squash Team

A tale of urgency and dedication: transporting Indian Squash Team gear to success. AVZA's pivotal role in national achievement.


September 2023

Navigating the Art of Relocation: Insights from AVZA Move

Discover the art of seamless relocation as AVZA Move shares expert insights, tips, and tricks to make your next move hassle-free.


August 2023

The Human Touch in Relocation: How AVZA Move Transforms Moves into Adventures

Explore how AVZA Move's people-centric approach transforms standard relocations into unforgettable adventures, putting clients at the heart of every move.


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